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welcome home March 5, 2006

Posted by sybil in Wise Words.

Occasional postings of a human bean anthropologist taking seriously the game of Being in the Body.

re-considering, re-membering, re-calling, and re-fusing
the realities we call consensual.

The words of a living language are like creatures: they are alive. Each word has a physical character, a look and a personality, an ancestry, an expectation of life and death, a hope of posterity. Some words strike us as beautiful, some ugly, some evil….there are magic words, spells to open gates and safes, summon spirits, put an end to the world. What are magic spells but magic spellings? (morris bishop,american heritage dictionary of the english language 1976)

Magic: the space between the moments.

presently, many, many moments spent in developing embryonic shrewdness with WordPress and html. credits for the look to Binary Moon, linked below.



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