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Freedom From Sexual Violence? April 17, 2006

Posted by sybil in Phallocracy.

I emerge from my cave to Blog Against. I look around my memory bank for what’s been prominent since I last wrote. This harpy is known to be shrewish, but it wasn’t her intent to have her only contribution into the atmosphere be as an Anti. But then, not much in my life has gone according to intention.

The things that are lodged in my craw this moon, post the South Dakota disaster: Black woman violated at Duke University; Rep. Cynthia McKinney trashed for choosing a different (more natural) hairstyle; Nigerian women bloggers being hounded and harassed and abused; Pakistani bloggers being denied their voice; boys being*broomed* by their caretakers; the obscenity that was compounded over and over again by the abuse of a drugged 16 year-old, the filming of that ghoulish act, and the equally heinous insistence that the young woman watch her own debasement, the perpetrators slapped on the wrists; African women infected with AIDS by men who may or may not be ignorant, that ignorance being fostered by the United States and it’s insistence on an AIDS campaign based on abstinence and nay-saying; a whole generation of African children raised by elderly grandmothers after their mothers succumb to deaths which are preventable.
What about the *human trafficking*, the politically correct term for slavery? What about the sexual violence of not giving kids real sex education?

After a lifetime of trying to prove that I wasn’t overly sensitive, I succumbed to an illness that is defined by my sensitivity, which defines me as utterly vulnerable, fragile. I recognize my genetic predisposition. And I have also had to acknowledge the toll of sexual violence in my white middle-class upbringing that marked my nervous system out for failure. Because I was, in fact, overly sensitive, even though not the victim of rape or incest, the level of sexual menace and male privilege imprinted itself deep within my brain and nervous system, leaving me with symptoms of both impaired circuitry, and post traumatic stress. I share this not to equate my suffering with the stories I highlighted above, but to note how easy it is to be damaged for life, how fragile the human psyche really is. And yet, we deny the damage inflicted by the horrors we visit upon people. Children raised in homes where they are not wanted, in refugee camps and detention centres; all manner of stigmatisation at an early age; generations of non-white citizens raised amidst dying hopes for racial equality and equity; the early sexualization of children, especially girls, to keep the capitalist machine profitable: the roots of sexual violence go deep and spread far.

blacklooks writes on Gendercide

In a recent article in the International Herald Tribune, Somali/Dutch MP, Ayaan Hirsi Ali commented that the 200 million demographically missing women and the 2-3 million women who die annually as a direct result of gender based violence amounted to genocide. The article points out why and how women are dying and speaks powerfully about the work that needs to be done by us all.

How are women dying?

Domestic violence, abortion of female foetus, murder of female babies, neglect of female children in favour of male children, honour killings, dowry killings, death during child birth due to inadequate health care provision for women, female genital mutilation, rape, trafficking of women.

Why are women dying?

Because human rights do not apply to women; because culture and religious fundamentalists values take precedent over the rights of women. Because the women’s movement in the West has failed to support our sisters in the South. Because we sit by and ignore what we see in our families and communities. Because women collude with men in the oppression and murder of their sisters. Because we are not sufficiently OUTRAGED by the murder of 2-3 million women a year and the disappearance of 200 million.

Violet Socks:

Certainly there were racist and classist elements in the Duke incident. But men all over the world get together in packs to rape women, including women of their own social group. From Afghan tribesmen to Orange County high school students, gang rape is just something that men do.

Pam Spaulding comments,

It’s pretty sobering to see this anti-gay graffiti chalking at Michigan Tech University. There are more photos of such filth as “Shoot and kill every f*cking fag” and “Mutilate gay people.”


Yavapai County prosecutor James Landis said his office never considered the “broomings” as sexual in nature. Rather, he described what happened as a form of punishment or discipline.

He has said his office could not prove Bennett and Wheeler had any sexual intent.

He said the case likely would have been treated differently if the victims were girls or if there was evidence that the defendants were homosexual .
d the disappearance of 200 million.

Ilona Jasiewicz asks,

what is the most common gender-related hate crime but rape?

She argues for re-classifying rape from a sex crime to a hate crime, to make clear that the motive of rape is power – not passion.

Hate crimes are seen as more serious and worse than sex crimes.

What’s universal? In every part of the globe, in all parts of the globe, women live in and with fear. Fear of their own sexuality, fear of men and boys, fear of transgressing mores and norms, many of which are enforced by other women. Fear that is now used as a weapon against us all, not only women, in these days of terrorists and so-called terrorists, fundamentalists of all persuasions persuading followers and would-be, wanna-be followers of the need to incite fear in others, hatred and suspicion of others. These are the universals we’re now elevating as pillars of globalism.

The true values being perpetrated by the patriarchal societies do not have women’s well-being in mind. We serve as baby factories. As such, we are commodities that must be protected from negative influences. Except rape and abuse. There, too, we are commodities, devalued in comparison with any male person.

Freedom From Sexual Violence?

Is freedom possible for women? Will the human female ever experience freedom of her own person? When every religion justifies its repression and suppression of women? When women the world over are struggling for acceptability within the confines of their social, cultural, religious structures, when women are denounced, the term feminist derided, because WE WANT OUR EQUALITY. I rage and weep; if I were conditioned differently I would pull out my hair, rip my clothing, eat dirt, sink into a coma. I rail against the patriarchy, its stranglehold on life, on the very essence and notions of life itself.



1. Femivist » Blog to Raise Awareness About Sexual Violence - April 18, 2006

[…] Freedom from Sexual Violence? Because I was, in fact, overly sensitive, even though not the victim of rape or incest, the level of sexual menace and male privilege imprinted itself deep within my brain and nervous system, leaving me with symptoms of both impaired circuitry, and post traumatic stress. […]

2. Risesume - June 24, 2007
3. BloodMason - April 1, 2008

Well. Youre looking at it incorrect from a universe of perspectives.
Im going to pick this apart and try to explain why youre way off base on some of these theorys.

You have a extremely clear view on this based off misalligned non research. The arguments, you make are addons to nothing revelant.
There few people, that live in America by percentage, going around giving people aids.
By demeaner in your writing style, you have never been to africa. African men are running insanely around raping woman, on every street corner often raping but sometimes really ignorant, but all CRAZED. Wow, thats a major assumption to make.

[quote]What about the sexual violence of not giving kids real sex education[/quote]

This was a question or statement?
Complete Definition of the word violence number 6 because you said you were never raped or incest…lol

vi·o·lence /ˈvaɪələns/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[vahy-uh-luhns] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
1. swift and intense force: the violence of a storm.
2. rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment: to die by violence.
3. an unjust or unwarranted exertion of force or power, as against rights or laws: to take over a government by violence.
4. a violent act or proceeding.
5. rough or immoderate vehemence, as of feeling or language: the violence of his hatred.
6. damage through distortion or unwarranted alteration: to do editorial violence to a text.

Id also say reading this blog, i experianced some editorial violence against my senses.

On to senses, your finding a good man trouble, probably means you are wrapped tight in nonsense that reached epic proportions as this blog went up. 6 billion people on earth. Philisophy requires some type of answer to the questions or statements, i dont know what the fuck you are saying it sounds like coffee shop fingerclapping.

Goodluck, Deleting this blog would prove an insecurity fortress that you built around yourself by decieving or having no belief on what your capable of.

In group hear and say what the group likes.
im guessing you do alot of stampeding.
Only because of the Harpy reference you made towards yourself.
Believing it to be true of course
If it is, id recommend against the lugubrious front.

4. markrich80962 - April 8, 2016

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