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30 year involvement in body and bodymind therapies, meditation; exploring the brain and mind’s plasticity and ability to overcome habitual behaviours.

Degrees in behavioral sciences and nursing; 3rd generation nurse

10 years exploring non-Big Pharma biochemical responses to mental and nervous system imbalances.

Long term whole and wholesome foods fanatic. Bake sourdough bread, make yogurt; 2006 is my 3rd year with severe chronic fatigue immune disorder (CFIDS).

Feminist half my lifetime, coming-of-age in 1970’s conciousness-raising. Dismayed by the USA’s War on Women, and the complacency of young women brainwashed into fearing hairy feminists and embracing porn-chic.

Believe: Love and Meditation are like the two wings of a bird. Ultimately, Meditation trumps. Aloneness is our deepest nature; we are born alone and die alone. Embodiment is our moveable feast; feelings, emotions, sexuality, movement, intelligence, health, the ingredients.

Read: Lot’s. With CFIDS soggy brain, mostly contemporary novels. Having gone through my local library, I’m hanging out in the blogosphere.

Listen: all sorts. bach, beethoven, mozart, peter scullthorpe, phillip glass, marley, deva premal, trancejazz, ambient, chant, women’s, world….and all the tones and quavers in between.



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